I had an idea that sounded good, started working on it by conducting market research, brainstorming with close trusted advisors that resulted in creating a business plan. With time it had many amendments to it and kept on sounding better, but how do you know it's going to work?

The truth is you don't ! You are faced with two choices either to take a chance & put yourself out there knowing you will be vulnerable and might fail publicly. Thus your fear level is high and you'll get anxious that gets you to a door of opportunities, if your fear takes over you will walk away and every now and then wonder about your decision. If your passion and belief in your vision are more powerful than your fear you will open the door despite all your anxiety and go for it!

This is exactly what i did. I had an email about the Web Summit and decided to apply for their Alpha program (where they select 300 startups worldwide and invite them to exhibit their business module opening a world of opportunities.) When i got an email that they'd like to talk to me and discuss the idea I couldn't believe how my fear that monster was alive again and this time much bigger, i had to work hard on overpowering it! The day of the call i was so anxious that i was sweating because I didn't know what to expect & i already made a deal with myself if they don't select me, i have to let go of my dream.


Paddy, the gentleman who called me was very nice and I thought that I would have 15 minutes to discuss it, but instead he just asked me one question ' How will your idea have an impact in an innovative manner, the way Uber did? And I couldn't believe how my passion, research and belief in the success and impact deal'n will have in empowering & changing the way consumers behave, gave me that confidence that i kept going for 10 minutes. At the end he said "I think I have a clear idea about your business & what you're trying to accomplish, do you have any questions?" Surprised and put off by his answer i said no thank you an he told me that i should here from them within a week. I remember feeling down, depressed & regretting exposing myself.


That was due to my lack of self confidence combined with my fear taking control in the driver's seat of my mind. When i got the email that we were chosen as one of the best startups I couldn't believe it, that i asked my son to reread it to make sure it's right!
I'm sharing this with all of you, to say we all doubt ourselves & in these dark moments fear, anxiety, lack of confidence & doubt all parts of my identity ( we have many identities within ourself) should not stop us! Instead we can use them as alarming signals, by asking ourselves questions of why, what, how & when. Why I'm not confident? led to more research to prove that I'm on the right track or i need to adjust certain things in my business plan.

An idea has to be tested and this is why you need to do your part of researching and discussing it with your board of trusted advisors. After that you only need to Believe In Yourself your PASSION, VISION & have that eagerness and hunger for transforming it into something tangible or it will fade with time...

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Founder & CEO
Nadia Al Sheikh

“I attain a significant sense of excitement and challenge in finding solutions and opportunities in problems, by modifying their concept into business modules that incorporate my passion to empower all"

Tarik Al-Jeda

“I'm passionate about  the learning journey of  converting a vision into a business and the  challenge of introducing people to innovative 

experiences and  solutions”

Michael Hansen
Chief Technical Officer

“Senior solutions architect with pre-sales, project management and business/team leader experience from Telecom, Defence, Airline, Shipping, and Government sectors"

Theodora Martini
Creative Director

“I've always been passionate about making a difference in my community and beyond, and here at Deal'n I truly believe I'll have the opportunity to help build something great"

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